Helping Families Start Over After The Memorial Day Floods

St. Vincent de Paul Disaster Services has been a 121Giving Charity partner since late 2014. Throughout 2015 121Giving has been their go-to resource for all the items they need for their House in a Box (R) program. This includes everything from beds and soafas to linens, shower curtains and dishes. They provide families with a fresh start after disaster, which is something we’re so proud to support.

In September, St. Vincent de Paul Disaster Services delivered these goods to 35 families in Tyler, TX who were displaced by the Memorial Day floods. Here’s a great video about the families who were helped: KLTV: Families Receive House in a Box

Want to help SVDP Disaster Services do more good? You can donate today to help fund their account for future items they need to purchase. Donate to SVDP Disaster Services.

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