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Brand and Supply Partners

For brands, CPG manufacturers, and national distributors, 121Giving delivers a centralized, strategic sales channel that empowers nonprofits and companies to do well by doing good.

An Aggregate Sales Channel

The opportunity to make money and do good has never been more accessible and valuable to business.

An Always-On Marketplace

From annual programs and events, to bulk purchases, disaster recovery and product donation drives, the demand is endless and occurring all the time.

We provide brands with an "always-on" Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) platform that impacts the triple bottom line, and engages consumers in the most tangible form of online giving.

A Lasting Impression

121Giving provides businesses a "always-on" Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) platform creates 3BL (triple bottom line) impact and engages socially conscious consumers.

Getting the right products from your catalog into ours, at the right price, exposes great deals and benefits to it's members.

As a cornerstone partner and world-class platform, we deliver a unified way for brands to make money and do the most good with their products. With aggregated purchasing power and measurable impact behind every transaction, our platform weaves directly into your online sales process, creating the highest return on impact and investment, at the same time.

Boost employee engagement

Every order from us is a product earmarked for serving the greater good in communities throughout. Our partners feel even more valuable in knowing that are part of a much larger ecosystem that creates and fosters local impact.

Doing the most good with the goods you already have, and engaging your most valuable resources in the process, is a boost that benefits your entire organization.

Meeting the 24/7 product demand

We cover the widest range of product to cover a vast array of need for nonprofits. We are always looking for value driven product related to the following purchase groups:

  • Modular Homes

  • Air Conditioning and Heating Units

  • Power Tools

  • Painting & Building Supplies

  • Air Conditioners and Heaters

  • Laptops, Monitors and Printers

  • Office Furniture

  • Office Supplies

  • Sports Equipment

  • Outdoor and Recreational Equipment

  • Camping Gear

  • Pet Supplies and Medicine