About Us

Based out of Austin, TX, we're a group of tech entrepreneurs, social investors, humanitarians, and problem solvers who enjoy shaking things up for the benefit of the greater good. We spend most of our time thinking about ways to leverage technology in ways that foster and channel more effective (one-to-one) relationships between nonprofits, brands, and local Giver communities.

Landscape and Vision

For decades, charities and nonprofits have been spending countless amounts of time, energy, and resources simply trying to hunt down the best deals on everyday needs.

In our world today, nonprofits and companies are dealing with the highest level of scrutiny related to the exorbitant spending on CSR programs. Stories of nonprofit fraud, misappropriation of funds, mismanagement and hardships to demonstrate tangible impact, have added to the scrutiny and social ROI that everyone truly wants to witness.

We envisioned a smarter, more transparent digital exchange, by building the right ecosystem to help change the narrative.

One where philanthropy is embedded as part of the supply chain and everyday business. One that is ongoing, costs less to manage, and provides a long term strategy to impact more lives on a daily basis, and involve your employees in the enjoyment.

We're innovating the way that brands, nonprofit programs, and consumers come together inside 121Giving.com, to create a new paradigm of collective impact in the digital space. The challenges and dynamics around social innovation are endless, yet we believe to be very much ahead of the curve, with a platform that is poised to generate exponential growth in tangible giving and better our ability to impact more, together.


121Giving.com exists to "level the buying field" for nonprofits. To do it, we aggregate the buying power of our members to effectively form an entirely new ecosystem and patent pending method, built around the collective good and benefit for everyone.

When we mesh that ecosystem with powerful crowdfunding tools, we arm nonprofits with advanced tools to provide the most tangible, fully transparent, and authentic giving experience to online donors. And that, matters deeply to us.

As a result, charities get exactly what they need, when they need it; spending less time, energy, and budget getting their goods on the ground. And donors, know exactly where there giving is going.

Core Values

  • Accountability
  • Empathy
  • Liberty
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Generosity