About Us

Based out of Austin, TX, we're a group of tech entrepreneurs, social investors, humanitarians and passionate problem solvers, who enjoy shaking things for the benefit of the greater good. We spend most of our time thinking about ways to leverage technology in ways that foster and channel more direct (one-to-one) relationships between nonprofits, brands and online donors.


For decades, charities and nonprofits have been spending countless amounts of time, energy and resources simply trying to hunt down the best deals on everyday needs. Undeniably, there is increasing consumer scrutiny across the CSR and nonprofit landscape, authentically showcase impact on a local level - and respectfully, traditionally very costly, and difficult to measure tangible impact. So, we envisioned a smarter and more transparent digital exchange; One where philanthropy becomes more embedded as part of everyday business, that costs less, with the capacity to impact more lives on a daily basis.

We innovate ways that brands, causes, and consumers come together to effectively create new paradigms of massive collective impact in the digital world. The challenges and dynamics around social innovation are endless and, ahead of the curve already with a platform that is poised to generate exponential growth in tangible giving and better our ability to impact more, together.


121Giving exists to "level the buying field" for nonprofits. To do it, we aggregate charity buying power (across the entire 501c(3) spectrum), offering exclusive deals on organizational and special program related needs. We couple that with powerful crowdfunding tools, where we enable your agency to extend the most tangible giving experience, providing transparency and contentedness to online donors, with simplicity .

As a result, charities get exactly what they need, when they need it; spending less time, energy, and budget.

Core Values

  • Accountability
  • Empathy
  • Liberty
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Generosity