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Ancient Rome


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Ancient Rome

SKU # 39495

Navigate your way through a fantastic range of subjects with this visually spectacular trusted series. Every spread is brimming with lively text, amazing photographs and artworks, and weblinks and quotes. Panels throughout offer focused information on specific topics. Navigators: Ancient Rome By Philip Steele, illustrated by Steve Stone All roads lead to Rome, especially where the study of history is concerned. Now this core topic in the Navigators series is available in paperback for the first time. Ancient Rome's crowded streets, elegant homes, and majestic Colosseum are brought vividly to life in stunning state-of-the art illustrations. Along the way kids learn all about Rome's geography, religion, rulers, wars, fashion, architecture, and more. Throughout the book, web links and quotes direct readers to more information for further exploration. Target age group 9-12

  • ISBN: 9780753468425
  • Grade level: Grade 3-5
  • Book Media: Paperback
  • Language: ENG