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Brand Partners

From manufacturers and distributors, to etailers, 121Giving delivers
a strategic sales channel and consumer engagement platform
that empowers companies to do well by doing good, 24/7.

An Aggregate Sales Channel

For manufacturesand suppliers, the opportunity to make money and do good has never been more accessible.

An Always-On Marketplace

From disaster relief and episodic' events, to bulk purchases and product donation drives, the demand is endless.

Placing your product catalog inside 121Giving exposes your products to thousands of charitiable oganizatios acoross the country.

Creating Lasting

121Giving provides businesses a "always-on" Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) platform that impacts the triple bottom line, creating and engages socially conscious consumers.

We track and showcase your brand commitment in ways that clearly demonstrate your dedication to serving the greater good.

121Giving is a cornerstone partner in providing a high volume, approach to bulk sales efficiency embed philanthropy and cause marketing into your daily operations without having to change your business model or invest in costly programs.

The value is unprecedented.

Boost employee engagement

121Giving engages employees in social impact as they perform their everyday responsibilities - knowing that every order goes to serving the greater good makes them feel a part of the solution.

Doing the most good with the goods you already have, and engaging your most valuable resources in the process, is a boost to your organization and everyone down the line.

What 's in demand?

We work with charities across the country and continue to build deep insight into the products they drive for donation, procure for their own organization, and need to make their programs work . 121Giving represents a unique charitable market that possesses more than $100B in spending power. We welcome strategic suppliers who can cater to the following need categories:

  • Modular Homes

  • Clothing

  • Power Tools

  • Painting & Building Supplies

  • Air Conditioners and Heaters

  • Laptops, Monitors and Printers

  • Office Furniture

  • Office Supplies

  • Sports Equipment

  • Outdoor and Recreational Equipment

  • Camping Gear

  • Pet Supplies and Medicine