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We aim to serve our Charity Partners in ways that go beyond traditional consumer marketplaces. We are here to help you raise more from donors, get the most out of their dollar, and get the Goods you need to Do Good.


Getting Started

Q: How do I getting started?

A: Getting started with 121Giving is quick and simple:

  • Register your 501c3.
  • Set up the public profile for your Charity.
  • Start a Wishlist and gain access to special wholesale pricing from our Corporate Brand Partners. (Psst! If you need something you don’t see, let us know and we will look into finding it for you!)
  • Immediately begin to access the powerful crowd funding tools available exclusively to our Charity Partners.
  • Place orders from our Brand Partners that fulfill your organization’s needs.

Q: Why do we need a Public Profile?

A: The Public Profile lets 121Giving site visitors know about your organization and your mission. 

Through the “My Account” settings, you can begin to build you Charity’s public profile. These Public Profile settings control what shows up on your organization’s vanity page. The vanity page is created once you save these setting.
All ongoing Wishlists you create will be accessible via your Public Profile page - it’s a great way to share with online donors (through your social channels and/or traditional donor messaging) what needs you have so they can contribute - and you can purchase the good you need.


Q: What do I need to do to put together a Wishlist?

A: You can make it as small or large as you would like in just a few simple steps.

  • Via “My Account”, click on “Manage Wishlists”
  • Click the button titled “Create Wishlist” and name your Wishlist. You can create more than one Wishlist as a time!
  • Click on “Shop By” and choose the category that best describes the items you need.
  • Select the quantities you need and add them to the Wishlist you created (you will be able to pick which specific Wishlist for each item from the pop-up bar at the bottom of the page.

Q: Can I change the items needed in a list after it’s been set up?

A: Yes! You can go in at any time and edit the items you need, quantities, length of time for your campaign, and the messaging for the campaign. 

Q: How many Wishlists and campaigns can I run at the same time?

A: How many do you want? That many. We encourage you to think about how to market these campaigns to your donors and therefore we want to provide you with a flexible means to create as many Wishlists so you can tell your organization’s story to donors in a way that best serves your needs.

Crowdfunding Wishlists/Campaigns

Q: Can I only use the platform to crowdfund? Or can I make a purchase and still benefit from the wholesale pricing?

A: Charity Partners can make purchases on the 121Giving platform and still benefit from the wholesale pricing. In fact, you can also combine crowdfunding and charity funds to make purchases.

Q: How do I publish my Wishlist so people will begin to give to the campaign?

A: Now that you have a Public Profile and a Wishlist - it’s time to share your needs with your supporters (donors, volunteers, advocates, fans, members, etc.) by publishing your Campaign and Crowdfunding for the funds to make your purchases.

  • Go to “My Account” and return to the “Manage Wishlist” page. Here you can add some comments about the items on your Wishlist. It’s an opportunity to share with donors what the items can do for those you serve.
  • Click on “Crowdfund the Wishlist” - this is where you get to be creative about how you share with your community what you do, why, and how their contribution can help!
  • Use video (remember that mission moment from your last event’s video? Use it here!), images, and copy to tell your story.
  • Preview the Campaign page and then Publish!

Q: Why can’t I Crowdfund for my Wishlist?

A: In order to crowdfund the purchase of a product, you must have a minimum of $2000 in product quantity. However, you can still make purchases for items you need without setting up a Crowdfund Campaign.

Q: The total for the Crowdfund Campaign is higher than the total of the cost of the goods on my Wishlist. Why?

A: We add 5% to the total Crowdfund goal to help cover any unexpected shipping costs. Our goal is to ensure that you get the products you need, and that donor money covers as much as possible.

Q: How do I get donors to come to contribute to the campaign?

A: Just like any other fundraising effort, you share that you have this available as an option for them to become a donor to your charity and to support you through a contribution that will buy the good you need. Social media, enewsletters, emails, and post it on your website where you would normally have your Wishlist.

Q: Who moderates the comments section on a Campaign page? Can I disable comments?

A: The comments are live, so they cannot be deleted. 121Giving moderates them regularly to answer any platform-related questions. You are also encouraged to comment back to engage with your donors as you like.

Q: How long does a campaign need to last?

A: This is up to you and your needs. We encourage you to build campaigns that have attainable goals within a timeframe that will allow your organization enough time to publicize and market it effectively while maintaining donor momentum. A campaign that has a defined end date creates a sense of urgency that can spur donors to make a gift to help you reach your goals “in time”! Don’t forget! You can always start a new campaign when your current campaign is completed.

Donors & Donor Dollars

Q: Where do my donor dollars go when I crowdfund?

A: Crowdfund dollars accrue as store credit in your account and become usable after your crowdfund has been completed or ended. This way you can use the money to buy what you need, when you're actually ready to receive it. When you crowdfund a purchase, donation dollars will show up in your account as store credit and can be used to purchase goods through 121Giving.

Q: What happens if we don’t reach our Crowdfunding goal for our campaign? Will I lose the donations that were already made?

A: As a Charity Partner, even if you don't reach your goal, the funds are still available for you to use toward purchasing the goods you need.
We support partial payments for items too! This means that if you don’t quite reach your goal, you can apply your store credit (donations) in combination with your preferred payment method. You still get donor funds, wholesale pricing, delivery when you are ready for the goods, and there are no penalties for not reaching your goal. Our goal is to be sure you, our Charity Partner, get the goods you need to do good!

Q: Do my donors get a tax benefit from donating?

A: Yes! Donations are processed by our DAF foundation partner DonateWell and are tax deductible..

Q: Do my donors get a thank you letter or email confirmation when they make a gift?

A: Donors get an email receipt when they donate. They also receive a personalized thank you email which you can send out when the campaign is complete..

Q: If someone makes a donation, how will I know? Is there a reporting system that tells me?

A: You will see donations appear in the My Campaigns section of your dashboard. .

Q: How do I account for my crowdfund donations internally?

A: As part of your customer agreement, funds that are collected from online donors are re-granted to you through our DAF foundation partner Donate Well for use to buy what you need, as you have expressed to your donor community. As such, you can report on the funds granted to you based on the total amount crowdfunded for each campaign, visible through My Campaigns under the Crowdfunding section in your Account Profile. Learn more about our DAF foundation partner.

Products, Payment, Pricing & Promotions

Q: What if there is a vendor that we work with? Can I start a campaign with them even if they aren’t on your list of vendors?

A: Let us know! We are interested in knowing what good you need - and if you have a vendor you work with, then let us know that too! We would love to have them as a Brand Partner so our other Charity Partners could benefit from their commitment to social good!

Q: What kind of forms of payments do you accept?

A: We accept all standard forms of payment upon checkout.

Q: How are pricing and available products determined?

A: We're here to listen to what you need, and offer it at discounted prices that are of high value to our Charity Partners. Our exclusive deals are a combination of flat bargain sales combined with unique BOGO Bundle promotions, where our suppliers match your purchase at certain intervals. These discounts/promotions are applied when items are added to your cart, so be sure to keep an eye out for the savings upon check out.
If you don't see what you need, chances are that other do-gooders like you need it too! We count on hearing from you to help grow our the list of items we have available and push brands to pony up special deals for your everyday needs and bulk purchases. At any time, let us know what you need using our suggest a product form - it's the only way we know exactly how to help you get the deals you need on the goods to do good!

Q: Some of your products are cases of 24 or more, I don’t have room for that high of an inventory, is it possible to purchase smaller quantities?

A: There are a number of different ways our Brand Partners are able to provide such great pricing on some of the goods you need. One of those ways is based upon volume. If you really cannot manage the volume at one time, consider creative ways to share the goods, for example: perhaps there is another charity that also has a similar need in your network that you could share the resource with?

Ordering, Shipping & Delivery

Q: How do I track my orders?

A: All orders and account information is accessible through your dashboard. Click on the link in the top right of your screen, labeled “My Account”. There you can view the status of your orders, print receipts, and update all information related to your account.

Q: How do we get the items we have ordered?

A: Once your order is placed, each item will be shipped directly from our Brand Partners, straight to your organization. You won't be charged for your order until the first item is shipped..

Q: My Wishlist has items from multiple Brand Partners, how can I be sure I will get all the items; it sounds like one more thing to coordinate!

A: When your order contains products that are offered from multiple sellers, we're here to help you out! If one of your items doesn't reach you within 15 days of your order confirmation, please contact us and we will work to either help track down your order for re-shipment or refund the portion of your order that was not received.

Returns & Exchanges

Q: Help! The items we ordered don’t fit, aren’t right, smell like chocolate and it’s making me crazy! How do we manage returns?

A: In the event that a product is available for return or exchange, you must contact the seller to make your request. Charitable organizations that request a return on an item that is available for return or exchange will be directed to the seller of that product in our marketplace. The correct contact information for each seller is located on your receipt and in the email you received when you placed your order. The seller order number is provided so you can reference it when processing your request. It's as if you purchased the item directly from the seller - no middle man needed!

Please note: Items that are not available for return/exchange are clearly marked on the product view page. Items that are donated in conjunction with a purchase (Buy X Get Y Donated) may not be available for exchange depending on the availability of the product at the time you make your request.

Privacy & Security

Q: Privacy and security are very important to us, how are you ensuring we are protected?

A: Protecting your privacy and our site security is critical to us. Every decision we make, from our platform technology and shopping cart, to our merchant account and payment processing, centers on providing the highest level of integrity. Please see our Privacy Policy for details on the measures we take to protecting your information.

121Giving Support

Q: I need help with my orders, can you help?

A: In some situations you may need to contact us to inquire about partial orders or refunds based on shipments that are not received. We're committed to help you sort out any specifics with your order, so if you order requires special attention please contact us via email.

Q: I need help with my Crowdfunding Campaign, can you help?
A: For support with Crowdfunding Campaigns please contact us via email and we'll return your message as soon as we can.

Q: How does 121Giving profit from this?
A: We add a small 8% fee to the donation that your supporter pays. This fee allows us to maintain the site and provide the all these features for our Charity Partners.