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Online donors now know exactly where their giving is going, and we've combined that into a platform that helps you save money and better serve your online donors, on a more insightful level.

Major Campaigns
Use funds from existing endowments,program budgets, and combine those funds with your campaign to engage your donors and followers in creating exponential impact. Order items as you need them, pay with your own funds,
donor funds, or a combination of both.

Branded Landing Pages
Easily embed and share each campaign with your segmented donors and social media initiatives.

Leveling the Buying Build
We exist to save your spending and make donor dollars go as far as they can. We do this through referrals to our purchasing and fundraising ecosystem. Plain and simple, the more that our members understand the value to the entire nonprofit sector and refer other members, the better the prices get for the entire sector through our partner programs.

Our Partners

Our commitment to do good is grounded in our partnerships and commitment to high efficiency, diversity, and low overhead.

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