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Whether you are a civic-minded organization, community agency, or a capacity-building leader, 121Giving shares your mission: to equip nonprofits with the tools they need to make an impact in their communities.

Scale Your Operations With Capacity-Building Leaders

In collaboration with networks and coalitions such as Independent Sector and Mission Capital, 121Giving is passionate about providing resources to nonprofit leaders. Let's explore how we can do more good, together! Contact us today.

Amplify Your Organization's Impact

With our unique marketplace-meets-crowdfunding platform, nonprofits get deep discounts on the goods they need to do good. Connect directly with your donors, create your wish lists, run in-kind donation campaigns, and purchase goods using our free, online platform. You work hard to support your community; we make it easier to amplify your impact.

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Get the Resources You Need to Do More Good

From marketing and human resources support to volunteer matching, industry news and information, 121Giving is committed to connecting nonprofits with resources they need to do the good work they do.

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