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Mobby Loft Bed with Stairs

South Shore Furniture

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Mobby Loft Bed with Stairs

SKU # 3880087

A kid’s bedroom that’s short on space can still be highly functional! The modules in our Mobby collection let you create a practical yet pleasant room that’s customized for your little treasure. The steps feature a number of storage spaces, so this loft bed is ideal for keeping the room neat and tidy while ensuring your child enjoys the space. It’s lower than standard bunk beds, so you can tuck your child in at night. And the space underneath can be used for additional storage or as a hideout! Isn’t that ingenious?

  • Under the steps: Compartments with metal handles – storage spaces can also be accessed from the left side
  • Each step has a non-slip glow strip, so your child can see it in the dark and won't fall
  • Next to the bed is a long shelf for books, an iPod, and an alarm clock, as well as a cable routing hole for plugging devices in
  • An opening on the right side of the bed allows access to the storage modules
  • A safe height for your child - and easy for you to reach when tucking in your little one
  • Can support a total weight of up to 250 lbs
  • Safe height for children, within parents’ reach: perfect for kids up to age 6
  • Made in one of our Canadian plants, from non-toxic laminated particleboard
  • Mattress and accessories are not included
  • This piece of furniture meets or exceeds North American safety standards, and we've tested and inspected it as we would for our own kids
  • Product dimensions: 93.5“ (W) x 46.25“ (D) x 49.5“ (H)