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Secrets of the X Men Revealed (Illustrated)


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Secrets of the X Men Revealed (Illustrated)

SKU # 2915

The X-Men(R)--a dark, dramatic chronicle of mutants endowed with superhuman powers--is one of the most popular franchises around. Fans will snap up this classified dossier on the most dangerous of the breed. Each character--from Professor X to Wolverine--receives an in-depth, and dynamically illustrated profile complete with confidential histories, group affiliations, extraordinary abilities, and secrets unknown to mere humans. Find out which X-Man(R) can walk through solid objects; shift shape and appearance; focus energy from another dimension into destructive optic blasts; and absorb the thoughts and memories of others just by touch. Remember: use this knowledge cautiously...the fate of humanity depends on it!

  • ISBN: 9781402739910
  • Grade level: Grade 3-5
  • Book Media: Paperback
  • Language: ENG