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Gamecraft Lightweight Bowling Set

Athletic Connection

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Gamecraft Lightweight Bowling Set

SKU # 1041149

Teach your young students the fundamentals of the game with this Lightweight Bowling Set before they hit the lanes for the real thing. Sets up easily in your gym, rec center, day care center or home. Includes ten 15"H lightweight (5 oz.) hollow pins, 5 lb. rubber ball, plus set-up sheet, and score pad. Smart option to have on hand for a rainy day or birthday party activity too. Kids love the competition of playing with the Lightweight Bowling Set, and you'll love that they're staying active and learning something new.

  • Ideal for teaching the fundamentals of bowling to beginners
  • Each set includes ten 15"H, lightweight, 5 oz. hollow pins, 5 lb. rubber ball, set-up sheet and score pad