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Spirit Line


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Spirit Line

SKU # 1745

Crystal Manyfeathers is caught between two worlds: her life at a modern American high school, and her life with the Dineh, her Navajo people, where spiritual ceremonies and traditions prevail. In deference to her father, Crystal prepares for her upcoming womanhood ceremony. But days before it starts, a valuable rug Crystal has been weaving for the event is mysteriously stolen. Her best friend Henry believes the theft is punishment for Crystal's stubborn refusal to weave in the spirit line, a required tribute to the Navajo goddess Spider Woman. Despite their spiritual differences, Crystal and Henry launch a bold and dangerous search for the rug. Will they find it in time? And will Crystal at last learn to be at peace with her Navajo identity?

  • ISBN: 9780670036455
  • Grade level: Grade 3-5
  • Book Media: Hardcover
  • Language: ENG