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Stolen Magic (Kat Incorrigible #3)


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Stolen Magic (Kat Incorrigible #3)

SKU # 39546

In this conclusion to the Regency-era fantasy trilogy Kirkus Reviews calls an enjoyable mayhem,a Kat is tasked with saving her family, the Order of the Guardians, and England itself.There is nothing in nineteenth-century England quite so improper as magic. With just days to go before her sister Angelineas long-delayed wedding to Frederick Carlyle, the impetuous Kat Stephenson has resigned herself to good behavior. But Katas initiation into the magical Order of the Guardians is fast approaching, and trouble seems to follow her everywhere. Target age group 11-15

  • ISBN: 9781416994527
  • Grade level: 5
  • Book Media: Paperback
  • Language: ENG