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Who Qualifies?

Our goal is to help charities get the goods they need to do good. The organizations that qualify as a Charity Partners are registered charities in order to protect the special offers and commitments made by our Brand Partners and the donors who use 121Giving to give to their community. Each charitable organization that uses 121Giving is subject to the following vetting measures:

Upon Registration

  • EIN verification matched against monthly updated IRS listing (Publication 78)

  • Valid .org email address matched against the registered domain of the charity website

  • Terms and conditions are agreed to under penalty of fraud/security violations

Upon First Purchase

  • Phone verification to confirm employee is a registered employee/representative of the charity

  • Confirmation of physical address (P.O. Box shipping is not permitted)

Automated Events

  • When a customer changes or alters their shipping address – we re-verify that the address to ensure that it is an actual charity location/site occupied by a registered employee/representative (P.O. Box shipping is not permitted)

  • Each time a member makes a purchase, our system verifies their exempt status, based on Publication 78, updated monthly on the website.

  • If a purchasing organization loses its charitable status for some reason, it will not be allowed to complete the check-out process.

Special Preventatives and Measures

  • If a nonprofit makes high volume purchases or transactions that are associated with matching donations by the brand (Buy X Get Y Donated), it may be required to submit additional reporting about how they use the products, and updated or additional financial information.

  • Should there be any report of security violations related to one of 121Giving's Charity Partners, that organization will be blocked from participating until an investigation by 121Giving staff has been completed.

  • When appropriate, 121Giving does engage local, state, and federal authorities in investigation of security violations.